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A body which represents civil servants has announced concern about the Welsh government’s plans to lay off hundreds of staff. The Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) spokesperson said: "We are concerned about the likely effects on workload and work-life balance for staff.” The government's economy office is to shed at least 250 jobs, or a quarter of total staff levels, in order to bolster the economic renewal programme recently outlined by the Deputy First Minister. The announcement is not directly linked to the UK government's spending cuts but unions expressed their worries about the size of the measures.

Businesses worried about the implications of the difficult economic climate can cut their overheads through Tensor’s two dedicated time and attendance systems available, which will maximise efficiency. Operated by our contactless smart cards and key fobs, the system is guaranteed to meet your clocking requirements since it easily and accurately record your employees' clocking data. WinTA Lite is our entry-level system, and is ideal for smaller companies with fewer than 250 employees. For larger companies, WinTA Access Enterprise is the comprehensive choice as it can can store up to 2,000 employees on a single clock.

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