Mobile apps are becoming the solution of choice for remote workforce management

Remote Workers Module

Mobile applications are becoming increasingly popular for enterprises, which employ them both for managing their own remote staff and “extended enterprise” workers, data from a recent survey has been able to find.

The ”2016 Executive Enterprise Mobility Report” by mobile application management and security company Apperian suggests that the number of enterprise mobile apps continues to grow as a means to fuel business strategy, with 57 percent of all organizations surveyed offering two to 10 custom enterprise apps and 23 percent of large organizations (10,000+ employees) deploying more than 20.

While 91 percent of organizations are targeting corporate employees, 51 percent of all companies are also currently providing apps to at least one type of “extended enterprise” worker – hourly workers, contracted employees and business partners – who are an important audience for enterprise mobile apps.

The research also found that productivity apps (note taking apps and office docs) ranked highest (56 percent) in terms of popularity, followed by field services apps (50 percent) and sales apps (44 percent).

“Our research and experience suggests broadening the types of end users that are supported by apps – beyond full-time, in-office workers – produces the highest ROI for businesses,” said Brian Day, President and CEO of Apperian. “This often requires a different approach than legacy EMM and MDM-based systems, which weren’t built to accommodate BYOD and unmanaged devices. In these cases, securing and managing the app itself instead of the device is critical to enabling the wide range of workers who can benefit from these apps.”

Tensor Mobile Self Service Module (SSM) – mobile clocking with embedded employee location data

The Mobile Self Service Module (SSM) within the Tensor.NET Time & Attendance offers superb accuracy and a friendly user-interface, complemented by best-in-class workforce productivity-enhancing features.

The Tensor Mobile SSM is a cross-platform app that transforms any iOS, Android or Windows Phone mobile device into a powerful personnel management tool. Available as a free download via the iTunes Store, Google Play or Windows Phone Store, Tensor Mobile SSM allows users to Clock IN and OUT at their respective locations, as well as requesting a period of absence, viewing remaining leave entitlements, recent clocking history and current flexitime balance. The system implements role based security, allowing administrators to easily choose which combination of features employees will have permission to access.

Additionally, mobile users will be able to easily book ON or OFF production jobs, and also receive notifications when their absence, clocking amendment or flexitime adjustment requests are approved or rejected.

Supervisors receive notifications when sub-ordinates create requests and can easily authorise or reject any requested periods of absence, absence cancellations or flexitime adjustments. The management of requests is made easy with the aid of a consolidated calendar displaying the absences of all subordinate employees.

Given its mobile nature, the application also offers a special provision to mitigate the possible connectivity losses, by storing all of the requests on the mobile device and transferring them immediately after a network connection is re-established.

Mobile clockings and job bookings, once submitted, are transferred to the central Tensor.NET application. In addition, the employee’s geographical position is also ascertained from their mobile device’s location and the employee’s movements and clocking records are plotted on a map viewable in Tensor.NET.

If you’d like to find out more about the Tensor Mobile SSM app, just contact us or Book a Demo, we’d be more than happy to answer all of your questions and queries.

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