Latest Tensor Mobile SSM App (Version 3.70.27) offers improved job booking features, German language support

Self service and mobile options

The Mobile Self Service Module (Mobile SSM) App within our Tensor.NET Time & Attendance system enables employers to know exactly where and when employees clock in to start their working day and clock out to end, a vital issue for any company’s day-to-day operational management.

The latest version comes with a host of very useful improvements and enhancements, one of the most important being the support for the German language. In fact, this version of the mobile all is also available, in German, from the German Google Play and Apple iTunes stores, making it easier to access by companies based there (or employees of companies with multiple sites).

The release also provides a couple of important enhancements related to the job booking process. The job search facility has been made more user friendly, especially for organisations using multi-tier job structures.

Matched codes are automatically selected. Codes returning more than one match now automatically take the user to the second search page for further selection from matched results.

Another important features is that when starting a new job when the user is clocked OUT will automatically clock the person IN again, while the supervisor calendar feature has also been updated – a Hide Denied Absences slider switch has been added to this calendar to hide or reveal absence requests that have been denied.

Further improvement work has been done towards achieving a higher level of app standardisation – both the IOS and Android apps now use the same plugin library of controls to provide a standard “look and feel” for both platforms.

A number of small changes have been made to the user interface in version 3.70.27:

  • a Disagree button has been added to the app’s EULA screen.
  • the Please Wait text has been removed from the loading animation.
  • the < Back navigation label has been substituted with just <.
  • absence codes are now referred to as reason codes on some pages.
  • previous and next month’s dates are no longer shown on a calendar’s grid display for clarity.
  • night workers can now use In Day and Out Day selectors to add or amend clockings on days other than the day of the IN clocking.
  • should an error be encountered when requesting an absence, after confirming the error, the app now redisplays the request page again.

If you’d like to find out more about the numerous features and extensive level of functionality delivered by the Tensor SSM suite, just Contact us or Book a Demo, we’ll provide an answer to any and all questions you might have.

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