Monitor On-Site Visitors with a Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System

Looking to better manage visitors on your site? Tensor’s Visitor Management System is the perfect security solution for you.

Taking control of visitors on your site using a Visitor Management System is vital for business security. A Visitor Management System gives organisations the ability to know exactly who is on their site at all times, which also ensures a safe and secure workplace for employees.

How does a Visitor Management System work?

A Visitor Management/Monitoring System does what it says on the tin; it essentially monitors and manages visitors on site for safety and security reasons.

Tensor’s Visitor Management System monitors both visitors and contractors, allowing users to book visitor appointments in advance and pre-book on-site contractors to carry out work required.

Once a visit is booked, both parties (the visitor and the host) are notified with an email containing all necessary information about the visit, such as the date, time, and location.

The Visitor Management Software, known as WinMCVS.NET, provides organisations and users with a calendar view of every appointment on the day, in the coming week, or over the next month.

Not only this, but Tensor’s Visitor Monitoring System automatically records all visitor details once they have registered on site. Details recorded are name, visitor company information, images and any scanned documents. This is particularly useful for security purposes, ensuring anybody who is on-site is accounted for in the event of a security breach or even emergency situation.

Visitor Management

Unmanned/Self-Service Receptions

Businesses often don’t have the resources for a full-time receptionist, responsible for clocking visitors in and out and welcoming people as they walk in.

Tensor’s Self-Service Visitor Management App takes all of this pressure away and ensures that planned visits are taken care of.

Our Visitor Management App can be downloaded on the Apple App Store or Android’s Play Store, and used with any touchscreen device to register a visitor appointment.

Unmanned/Self-Service Receptions

The Self-Service Visitor Management App also provides excellent security measures for businesses, and can also be used with Facial Recognition to check visitors in and out of appointments scheduled in. At the same time as automatically clocking visitors in and out of appointments, Tensor’s Visitor Management App simultaneously notifies the hosting organisation of the visitors arrival or departure and enrols them onto the Visitor Management System.

Cutting reception costs

Tensor’s Self-Service Visitor Management App is the perfect solution for organisations that operate unmanned receptions or are looking to cut costs of running their current reception.

Cutting costs where possible is at the forefront for most businesses in today's economic climate, so therefore introducing a Self-Service Visitor Management App is a no-brainer. It will allow a completely cost-free reception that runs smoothly and streamlines site access for customers, visitors, and contractors.

Self-Service Visitor Management App brochure

For more information regarding Tensor’s Visitor Management System, please get in touch with a member of our team, book a system demo, or download our SSVM brochure via the button above.

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