More than 75% of employers are failing to prepare for shared parental leave

The large majority of employers across the UK (76%) have implemented no practical measures in order to prepare for the introduction of shared parental leave in six months time, figures from a new market survey by Norton Fulbright have revealed.

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The research involved more than 200 employers and findings are not particularly reassuring, a news report on the aforementioned topic suggests.

Out of all the firms participating in the survey, over 65% said they are worried about the increased administrative burden they will face, while 46% claimed they will only be offering the statutory minimum extra leave to both mothers and fathers going forward. Finally, 30% revealed they will not offer any enhanced paternal pay.

According to Norton Fulbright, employers are not willing to start preparing for shared parental leave due mostly to the predicted low level of take-up from staff (just between 2 and 8%, according to Government figures).

Managing changes brought about by this new set of rules will not come easy for a significant number of HR departments, but going for a workforce management system that enables users to modify existing rules related to leave and pay in an easy and forward-looking manner could help, and this is specifically where Tensor plc could put its extensive experience in this field to very good use.

Our flagship WinTA.NET integrated workforce management solution incorporates a dedicated Absence Planning and Entitlement Management feature.

Our comprehensive, yet user-friendly software comes pre-loaded with graphical calendar charts that provide a colourful way of viewing an individual’s or a department’s absence records.

Each employee can be allocated different entitlements for absence, with specific rules set for every interval. As absence is booked and taken, the remainder available for each entitlement is updated. Entitlement formulae are used to calculate more complex entitlements calculated on a rising scale based upon length of service.

WinTA.NET supplies the relevant managers with information on employee’s absences through warning email notifications or via hardcopy reports. After that, the system would rapidly identify missing employees that are expected to be at work and then informs you via automatic email reporting reports distributed by email.

If you’d like to find out more about the Tensor workforce management solutions, just contact our team or Book a Demo, we’ll be more than happy to answer all of your questions and queries.

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