Multi site time and attendance regime records unlimited employee details

Business Secretary Vince Cable said after business had been concluded on the £291 million sale of a steel plant: “Coming just over a year after the plant was mothballed, it is a tribute to both companies involved – Tata Steel and SSI. I welcome the return of steelmaking to this historic steel site later this year.” Mr Cable was referring to a deal which should secure 700 jobs following months of negotiations involving Thai company SSI and Tata Steel’s Teesside Cast Products.

If your company is expanding, moving to a new site or taking on workers, you need a comprehensive time and attendance payroll system which works over multiple sites. WinTA Enterprise is the multi-user, networked, multi-site Time and Attendance, system intended for larger companies. It can store up to 2000 employees on a single Time & Attendance clock, to which extra scanners may be attached for Access Control, Job Booking, and Job Costing. WinTA Enterprise operates both the T32xx and T256x clocking stations and can record employee details for an unlimited number of people.

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