Multiple Fixes & New Features Included in Tensor.NET Version Release

New Features & Enhancements

The latest update to Tensor.NET features:

  • Suprema Facestation Users will now benefit from a new email alert feature. Access Denied (Temperature Too Low) – Users will be denied access when their Temperature read from the attached thermal camera is too low.
  • An old SSM setting has been removed. There is a User Options setting for the Self Service Module with a description of ‘Allow Self Service Module’ when enabled, this activated the options within the employee record to assign ‘Authorisers’ to the employee. It has been decided this setting is no longer required as this can be controlled with a licencing check.
  • A new import and export facility has been added for one of our new customers, allowing the exchange of job costing information between the two systems. Software specification S-152629-355-355-MedatechIntegration gives full details and a separate document is available on request.


We have identified additional bugs within the system that have now been updated/corrected for this latest version. These include:

  • A fault was identified with Suprema FaceStation users when changing access patterns. Enrolled users on devices normally have their templates copied to any other FaceStation units they have access to. Equally, if access is then denied, the templates should be removed, this was found to not be the case but has now been fixed in this version.
  • A fault was found in the Accident section when using the date entries. The fault was that you could use future dates in the date picker! Although it would be nice to forecast these events, this has been resolved so only past and present dates are validated.
  • A request was made to alter the standard Clock Card Report to include the option of employee temperatures. Customers that have Suprema FaceStations with Temperature sensors attached can now generate reports with these options enabled on the report.
  • A labelling problem was found when creating Contractor Appointments. When using the appointment diary and after creating a Contractor appointment, the label shows as ‘Visitor’. This has now been corrected in this version.
  • A fault was found when booking Appointments, the Site allocation was incorrectly disabling itself once you assigned a Visitor company. Companies with multiple site locations should be available to book Visitors onto any of their sites, this has now been corrected.
  • A fault was found when trying to store documents in jpeg/jpg format whilst booking an absence for an employee in the systems absence planner. The document was allowing the user to save but was then missing when trying to revisit it, a fault was found in the code and has now been fixed.

Customer Resolutions

We have worked with users of our software to rectify several issues raised, including:

  • A fault was reported where users were unable to create a system calendar date for a site on the same day as another site if all the details are the same (the notes can be different). This was due to an underlying ‘duplication check’ that was causing the block. This has been fixed and the user can now add system calendar dates to a site with the exact same details that a different site already has.
  • A fault was reported where future system calendar absences were not showing on the individual’s absence planner on non-clocking rest days. This has now been fixed in this version.
  • Some improvements have been suggested for the ‘Upcoming Absence’ notification email. The improvements made are as follows:
    • The "First Name" and "Last Name" columns merged into a single "Employee" column
    • "Emp. Code" column removed
    • The "Start Date" and "End Date" columns merged into a single "Date(s)" column
    • Reports to be sorted by last name, first name and then start date
    • Column order changed to "Employee", "Department", "Absence Code", and then "Date(s)"
  • A fault was reported when saving and reopening stored documents in the Applicants section in the HR module. Parts of the code were found as missing so this has now been recreated and fixed in this version.
  • When using the absence planner and booking a holiday that extended the current day, a fault was found with the hours absences were not showing on the entitlement display, if they are on the current day and have not yet been processed, this has now been resolved.

Should you notice something not working for you with Tensor.NET, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Please note that existing users may require an upgrade to a compatible version of SQL Server to utilise this version, please get in touch to confirm your requirements.

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