Use of Biometric Time and Attendance System to become compulsory for municipal employees

Biometric Time and Attendance systems

Municipal, outsourcing and contract employees working in urban local bodies (ULBs) in the Indian state of Hyderabad will have to use a Biometric Time and Attendance system for logging their worked hours, the state government has decided.

According to a news report on the matter, the after increasing the salaries of the municipal contract workers who went on strike last month, the state government has decided to discipline errant workers.

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has introduced the biometric time and attendance system a few days ago in certain circles on a pilot basis and it is yielding positive results. It is found that about 30 percent of the workers, on an average, do not attend to their duties.

The commissioner and director of municipal administration (CDMA) has asked all ULBs in the state, except GHMC but including the offices of the Regional Directorates of Municipal Administration (RDMAs), to adopt Biometric Time and Attendance Systems.

The commissioners of all ULBs were further directed to ensure that all the employees attend office by 10.30 am or by 10.40 am (with a grace time of 10 minutes) and clock in using their fingerprints in the biometric time and attendance clocking station both in the morning time and evening time before leaving.

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