New Department Sections Viewer and Amend Clockings Colour Codes Key Available with Tensor.NET Version

As part of our ongoing efforts to help customers enjoy a superior level of functionality for our core software products, Tensor is proud to announce the release of a new and improved version of the Tensor.NET software, Version, which provides several new features and enhancements, as well as some fixes and special software modifications requested by our customers.

New Features & Enhancements

1.The amend clockings screen has been enhanced to include a key. The key contains information on the colour codes used for the displayed clockings within the clocking screen.

New Department Sections Viewer and Amend Clockings Colour Codes Key Available with Tensor.NET Version image 1

2. In Tensor’s Legacy application “WinTA Access Enterprise” there was a column on the Department grid which showed the Sections associated with that Department, thus enabling the user to see at a glance any assigned sections to each department. This feature has now been brought into Tensor.NET by choosing the ‘sections’ option from the field chooser within the Department screen. Once selected, the sections are now displayed, multiple sections are displayed with a comma separator.

New Department Sections Viewer and Amend Clockings Colour Codes Key Available with Tensor.NET Version image 2

3. A request was made to disable the storage of the temperature values for transactions from the Suprema FaceStation devices. The FaceStation device in the Hardware Device Manager has a checkbox for temperature enabled, a change has been made so that unchecking this setting now disables the Temperature storage against an employee record.

New Department Sections Viewer and Amend Clockings Colour Codes Key Available with Tensor.NET Version image 3


  1. A fault was found where large numbers of Skill assignment records were being stored (19,000+ records) and was causing a timeout issue. The retrieval of the comma delimited list of skills for an employee has been re-written to improve the performance and has resulted in a significant reduction in loading speed.
  2. When using a resolution of 1024 x 768, a display fault was found in the Bulk Amend wizard screen where the navigation and save buttons were not visible. Extra space that was available has been removed so this feature displays correctly.
  3. A fault was identified with the ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) Access groups whereby an assignment to the Site Access Group selection was then auto-assigning a Global Access Group after the record was being saved. Changes have been made so this now loads correctly.
  4. A minor issue was identified where the Vehicles screen does not have a column for ‘Assigned To’ this would normally display either the employee name if an employee vehicle, or the employee name from the last assigned event. This has now been added to the field chooser option.
  5. A fault was found within the Systems Role options. An error occurs when loading an employee when the employee biometrics is denied in the Users role. A change has been made so the system checks the biometric exists before performing the necessary tasks.

Customer Resolutions

  1. A fault was logged where the host and company filters were not working on the visitor/contractor screen. This option allows you to find host information quickly by keying in the first few characters of the name. This has been resolved in this version.
  2. A fault was found in the MCVS application where a denied signature option was preventing visitors and contactors being saved. To resolve this problem, a separate signature feature has been added to the Visitors and Contractors screen. This feature has also been enhanced as this now allows the full suite of permissions to be used for the Employee, Visitors and Contractors separately.
  3. A fault was found in the business edition of the bulk amend screen in the OU selection. The company selection was not available and the site combination did not populate. This has now been fixed and further enhanced so that if one item in a drop down is displayed, it will choose that entry automatically instead of the user having to select it.
  4. A shift planner fault was reported whereby any employee that had an assigned Roster with an ‘Offset’ applied was not being reflected in the shift assignment report. This has now been resolved in this version.
  5. A fault was logged where you were unable to use the ‘Preview Badge’ option as the available template was not set correctly. A new loading flag has been added to prevent this problem happening in the future.
  6. It was reported that the employee entitlement override is ticked by default, it is assumed that when you click on the entitlement row, you are going to override it so it remains ticked. A change has been made so if you don’t want to change the override you untick this, disabling the entitlement box but you can set the carry over. If you save the dialog with override unticked it should calculate what your entitlement should be for that year. When you save it and its ticked it should show the value that you have set for the entitlement.

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