New jobs are being created by small businesses ‘for first time in three years’, says industry report

Small businesses are finally starting to create new jobs for the first time in over three years, painting a better picture in terms of the prospects of economic recovery, a brand-new industry report has revealed.

New jobs are being created by small businesses ‘for first time in three years’, says industry report image 1

According to a media source, a survey by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) found out that more small firms are looking to employ new staff rather than reduce their workforce. Furthermore, the paper released by the FSB also reports that their confidence index had doubled its second quarter score and rose to 33.5, representing the third successive quarter of growth.

The highest levels of confidence were reported by financial and business services, as well as technology firms, while those in the leisure and entertainment sectors were still weary, given the fact that household spending is still at some very low levels.

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