New long-range HID readers and smart cards offer enhanced flexibility

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The new long-range iCLASS SE readers and credentials developed by HID Global make it possible for organizations to combine parking, gate and door access control on a single card for a secure and convenient solution, the company has announced this week.

HID Global has expanded its iCLASS SE® platform with long-range ultra-high-frequency (UHF) solutions that provide new options for opening doors and parking gates from a distance. The convenient solution makes it possible to read credentials from inside vehicle at distances of up to 16.4 feet (5 meters) from the reader.

The iCLASS SE U90 Long Range reader can be used from distances of up to 16.4 feet (5 meters) and features advanced encryption along with end-to-end communications technology for the industry’s highest level of UHF access control security. Also available is a dual-technology iCLASS SE and UHF credential for use with the UHF reader and other iCLASS SE platform readers, providing a single solution for seamless door, parking and gate control.

The new solution enables a new range of capabilities, such as hands-free parking access at the gate without having to roll down the window, as well as “No-stop” hands-free parking access with the iCLASS SE U90 reader and UHF credentials offering a highly secure, long distance option for parking gate control and the additional benefit of improved vehicle flow through parking facilities.

Other important features include integrated parking and gate control with building access – high frequency architectures can combine door and parking control on a single credential, and improved

security, because the readers support OSDP to extend security across all communications connections, including long distances between readers and controllers.

“HID Global now offers an easier way for our customers to add parking and gate control to their security infrastructure, with new long-range access options that enhance user convenience while improving the flow of people and vehicles to and from facilities,” said John Fenske, vice president of product marketing – Physical Access Control with HID Global.

“Our new portfolio of readers and credentials significantly expands the capabilities of an organization’s access control systems across UHF and smart card technologies. The new solution has already delivered proven security and convenience benefits in early deployments at installations spanning hundreds of readers and more than a million credentials.”

Tensor – a trusted supplier of pedestrian access control systems

Tensor’s gates, barriers, and turnstiles fully integrate with our smart card and biometric access control systems giving you full jurisdiction over movement and access in and around your site. Our turnstiles can perform various access control tasks, including providing entry to sites or toilets.

It is imperative to have a durable and reliable system. Tensor will provide your organisation with just that. A Tensor system allows rapid communication when any delay occurs, such as when unauthorised personnel attempt to access a restricted area.

If you’d like to find out more information on the Tensor range of pedestrian access control systems just contact our dedicated product team of Book a Demo, our representatives will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and queries.

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