New technology drives small business owners to work harder

Close to 47% of all microbusiness owners and sole traders feel that they’re working harder than ever before, with new technology keeping them connected to their work at all times.

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According to a news report on the matter, the second Big Issues for Small Businesses paper from Lloyds Bank Insurance has revealed that an increased reliance on technology to operate and grow their businesses leads to two in five (41%) small business owner working longer hours to keep up as a result.

The report shows there is now a real dependence on technology devices to keep small businesses afloat, with the majority (60%) of microbusinesses actively using technology to respond to customer needs and ensure they are always contactable for new business leads (58%), as well as customers and suppliers (56%).

Additionally, 70% of businesses fear that neglecting their online presence puts them at risk of being left behind and almost nine in 10 (87%) believe a quick response to customer enquiries is critical for securing new business, with a third (30%) admitting they feel under pressure to stay constantly connected to avoid missing out on leads.

Tensor supplies an extensive range of flexible workforce management and access control solutions that employ the latest available technology, allowing managers to easily supervise their employees regardless of their location.

The Tensor WinTA.NET Time and Attendance solution will make staff management a much easier and more streamlined process. The platform supplies and extensive level of functionality, from simple clocking when arriving on site to complex operations, such as specific job costings and export to payroll features.

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