Night shifts simple to define with clocking software

Quangos – short for quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisation – are seen by many, including the current administration, as a waste of money. Consequently the government, keen to make savings, has abolished many of them, putting many thousands of public sector workers out of a job. Half of these bodies in the department of health have gone, as confirmed by the minister concerned, Andrew Lansley. Doctors and nurses' groups have criticised the decision to axe organisations like the Health Protection Agency.

Tensor can make savings for employers and organisations with its state of the art time and attendance clocking systems. Under this regime, employees clock in and out using smart cards, the data from which is used to create a wide range of daily working patterns (shifts), with either fixed or flexitime rules. These can run past midnight, making night shifts simple to define. The WinTA Lite software has a familiar Windows™ interface, providing quick and easy access to information. A range of output styles let you export to web pages, spreadsheets or as simple text files.

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