No dead time is stored on dedicated digital video recorder

Despite issuing redundancy notices in the summer and facing government reductions in funding by 20%, Durham Police Authority says that front-line policing is a priority. The force must deal with £17.5m of cuts over the next four years. Peter Thompson, of the Police Authority, said of these "challenging" times: "It is now more important than ever that our diminishing resources are managed strategically, getting value for money in all areas.” He continued: "Residents of County Durham and Darlington can be assured that front-line policing continues to be a priority for the authority."

Tensor plc and its associates are the experts at providing security solutions for all sizes of sites. Your CCTV tracking cameras, alarms, electronic gates, shutters and warning hooters can all be configured to our smart card access control network. The CCTV footage generated by our camera networks is recorded on a dedicated digital video recorder, which can be located either onsite or offsite. Triggered by motion detectors or movement on a CCTV camera, the DVR only records footage of activity so no "dead time" is unnecessarily stored.

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