No dead time is unnecessarily stored on Digital Video Recorder system

A paramedic who was attacked at a hospital has welcomed security cameras being installed in ambulances. Brian Dodds injured his wrist when he was assaulted outside his ambulance as he accompanied his patient into the A&E department at Sunderland Royal Hospital. He said: “The latest development will hopefully reduce the number of attacks,” adding of the cameras: “They are very tightly monitored. Only a couple of people will be able to access them and only if an assault has occurred.”

A Tensor Digital CCTV system works extremely well as a standalone system, and can also be fully integrated with any previously installed Tensor access control or visitor monitoring equipment to provide a security network that is second to none. Digital CCTV is a PC-based, multi channel video surveillance system that utilises the most advanced compression technologies to bring you the highest picture quality and video performance. The CCTV footage generated by your camera network is recorded on a dedicated digital video recorder. The DVR only records footage of activity so no "dead time" is unnecessarily stored.

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