No limit on the number of employees registered on access control network

Pupils faced being taught in temporary buildings for at least a week following some youths breaking into a school, stealing items and causing extensive fire damage. Stirling Council said parents would be notified of the changes of venue at East Plean Primary School, Scotland. The school and nursery were already scheduled to be closed for three days for staff training. A council spokesperson added that the damage looked "pretty bad". One boy has already been arrested, while a 15-year-old boy charged in connection with the break-in, but not the fire, was referred to the children's panel.

Large or small buildings, multi-site or one-door secure entry, Tensor Access.NET systems deal with it all. Suitable for any organisation, the Lite / Enterprise range is capable of controlling a network across borders and even continents. The T340x series of high speed access control clocking stations use smart card technology to scan your access control card. By simply presenting your smart card to within 100mm to 150mm of the smart card scanner it is automatically read. There is no limit on the number of employees registered.

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