Nottinghamshire police back security surveillance technology

Police in Nottinghamshire have backed security surveillance technology. The local authorities have invested a system of CCTV cameras around the Nottingham area costing £140,000 per year to run in order to cut anti-social behaviour and reassure residents, and police were interviewed on ITV Central East. The TV news report said that increasingly CCTV cameras are a part of our everyday life, the result being that Coventry has more cameras than Paris and that each of us is likely to be caught on camera 330 times a day.

The ITV report was making a point about our ‘spying society’, but figures such as ‘330’ are in fact an urban myth. These stats originated from episodes like when a member of Privacy International walked around London more than 15 years ago and counted cameras before multiplying this up.

Rest assured that security products from the Tensor PLC group of companies is money well spent when you realise how easy it is to deter unwelcome guests from gaining access to your building. The kit varies from smart card and biometric Time and Attendance and Access Control technologies, to digital CCTV surveillance camera and recording systems.

They can be stand-alone for a simple and easy to use smart card door-entry for a home or small business; or integrated to build a comprehensive security set-up to give you total piece of mind for large premises.

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