Number of job candidates records sharp drop, research suggests

Employers across the UK are facing shortages in terms of the available candidates for the jobs they advertise, the latest research report compiled by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) with KPMG and Markit can reveal.

Number of job candidates records sharp drop, research suggests image 1

The report used data supplied by 400 UK recruitment consultancies across the UK and indicates that 40% of employers found that there were fewer available permanent candidates for permanent positions than there had been in the previous month. The same trend also applied for temporary staff, with 32.6% of respondents saying that there were fewer candidates to choose from.

Although the number of candidates has fallen on a month-to-month basis, the number of people taking up new jobs has actually risen, employers reporting a 43% rise in new permanent hires and a 39% boost in temporary ones.

The lack of available talent is starting to become a serious problem for employers, who’ll have to start investing more in various solutions designed to help them find (and retain) top talent.

Time and attendance software is one of the many tools that can help employers put in place working schedules to attract staff members. For example, a solid T&A system can be used in order to implement flexible working hours, one of the most sought-after perks in today’s workplace.

Tensor plc has an extensive experience in designing and implementing complex solutions combining time and attendance, access control, biometrics and CCTV surveillance, all of which create a functional eco-system ensuring secure and reliable site access control and workforce management.

Our top-range WinTA.NET Time and Attendance solution can supply working rules to calculate the correct result. The system contains special rules to accommodate the formal flexitime contracts worked by many public sector employees, while workers paid on an annual contract basis can receive reports stating how many contracted hours they have yet to work.

The software also supports the setting of work patterns, a combination of daily rules that are either a repeating pattern of shifts or a list of alternative rules. Here, WinTA.NET will predict the most appropriate shift depending on the time an employee clocks IN. Each type of pattern can be set up to override the normal pattern and use a specific shift on public holidays or shutdown days.

If you would like to find out more about the range of solutions supplied by Tensor or to get in touch about developing a bespoke solution for your company, just contact us or Book a Demo, our representatives will quickly answer any questions or queries you might have.

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