Number of new temporary workers will continue to grow into 2015, report reveals

The number of workers employed on temporary contracts will continue to rise into 2015, research carried out by Economic Modeling Specialists International (EMSI) has recently revealed.

Number of new temporary workers will continue to grow into 2015, report reveals image 1

The research report suggests that all areas temporary employment in the UK soared by 13.8% from 2011 to 2004, compared to just 2.5% of total employment. The most impressive boosts in temporary positions were recorded in the teaching and childcare sectors (both +5%) followed by health and welfare (+4%).

Additionally, a separate report by CareerBuilder points out the more than half (56%) of employers are looking to hire temporary staff within the next year. Of these, 44% say they also plan to transition at least some of their temporary staff into permanent roles, a news source could reveal.

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