Office access control includes USB port PC security

Found out on Facebook: a thief ended up being fined for his foul play. The 29-year-old chicken thief was apprehended after posting a photo on the popular social networking website. Anthony Campen had stolen the bird from a local school but made the mistake of publishing his new feathered friend online. Campen, who posted a photo of himself with the chicken on Facebook on January 28, was ordered to pay £135 compensation by magistrates this week.

If only the ultimate in Access Control is good enough for your firm or organisation – then look no further than Tensor. The equipment is fully expandable and can control an access control system of one door all the way to a multi-site, multi-national enterprise. Our access control units can be directly connected via a peer to peer cable connection, or be part of a network using your existing Ethernet IT backbone. Tensor access control can also include USB port PC security with optional fingerprint reading.

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