Office access control technology emails alarm messages when forced entry occurs

A 21-year-old’s four-month sentence for suggesting a riot was criticised as 'too lenient'. The case of David Glyn Jones was different to others where four-year jail terms were given for specific instructions issued of when and where to riot. Mr Jones, on the other hand, posted via Facebook a more general message for people to riot. However, Clwyd West assembly member Darren Millar said: "If you look at the destruction that was caused and could have been caused it seems quite a lenient sentence."

Tensor provides security upgrades to offices or sites in the form of simple to use Access Control technology, software and systems. The WinACnet software emails alarm messages to a specified address when forced entries occur. Optionally a warning email can be sent if communications to the PC are lost. Free software upgrades to those with maintenance contracts means the system is always up to date. An audit trail showing who gained access (or was denied entry) is available at any location at any time.

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