Office access unit can be connected to alarms and fingerprint readers

Legislation designed to tackle the growing problem of stolen metal failed at a second reading just before the weekend. Labour MP Graham Jones had drafted a bill banning scrap yards from making cash payments for metal and requiring them to take proof of identification and an address from any potential seller. The bill did not have government support, so it failed. A disappointed Jones said: “We will now not likely see legislation before the Olympics, possibly not until 2013.”

Tensor Access Lite is the latest in our proven range of Windows™ based Access Control products, from simple door and registration point control, through to a fully computerised global network at the workplace. A variety of access equipment, devices and releases can be connected via the T8424 scanner control unit including: alarms and hooters, door locks, door release buttons, fingerprint readers and scanners. The scanner controller is the unit to which all Access Control equipment within your Tensor Access Lite network is connected.

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