Office breaks can be enabled to activate between set times

Some 78 per cent of workers in a new survey would like flexible working, even in lieu of a wage hike. Half of those asked said they would like to travel less for work. It is clear from the survey results that many UK businesses have not caught up with employees’ desire for a flexible working strategy. A quarter of respondents revealed that they “never” work from home. In all, 1,000 office workers were polled by software provider TeamViewer.

Time and Attendance management systems from Tensor are the most flexible around as they can be customised and adapted to how working conditions are in your office or factory. WinTA handles all major hours calculation methods, absence planning and Working Time Regulations. Workers paid on an annual contract basis can be handled by the annualised hours procedures and reports within WinTA. You can enable breaks to activate between set times, and / or after a minimum number of hours have been worked.

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