Office reports show when night workers are due a health assessment

A major high street retailer has had to close 133 stores and sell 20 remaining outlets this week. Many attempts to restructure the business at JJB Sports failed. The administrators, KPMG, said they had kept on 167 members of staff to assist them and that all those made redundant have had their arrears of wages and holiday entitlements paid in full. A statement from KPMG said: “Unfortunately a buyer could only be found for 20 stores on a going-concern basis.”

Time & Attendance Systems from Tensor combine the requirements of time and attendance, hours calculation, absence planning, rostering and job costing. Work patterns under the WinTA system are a combination of daily rules that are either a repeating pattern of shifts or a list of alternative rules. WinTA will predict the most appropriate shift depending on when an employee starts work. Working rules can be modified to suit your company’s Working Time agreements; while reports show when night workers are due a health assessment.

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