Office security network can combine access point scanner or fingerprint reader

Echoing the national trend, crime figures in a region of southern England have dropped to a 12-year low. The overall reduction was more than six per cent (2,394 fewer crimes) in Dorset, with even bigger decreases in violent crime and anti-social behaviour. “I am particularly pleased to report on the continued good work and significant achievements of all divisions,” said the county’s Chief Constable Martin Baker.

Tensor Access Lite is the latest in our proven range of Windows™ based Access Control products for your office or site. The scanner controller is the unit to which all access control equipment within your network is connected. A Tensor T32xx clocking station can have up to 12 T8424 scanner controllers attached to it. Your clocking station network can consist of one or more clocks, and is connected to a main server PC either via the PC's standard serial port or an ethernet network adapter. Each T8424 scanner controller can have combinations of up to two T149x access point scanners or fingerprint readers.

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