Organising a workforce easy with shift swapping done in advance

A new report says 3.05 million UK workers want to work more hours each week. The Office of National Statistics said reasons for this could include workers, such as bar staff, being in jobs where they are only required for a few hours a day. Economist John Philpott said: “Approaching one in five economically active people are struggling. Add in the effect of falling real take-home pay for the vast majority of people in work and it becomes clear how much distress is being suffered.”

Organising your workforce so that everyone is allocated the correct hours, shifts and wages is made simple with a Tensor time and attendance network. Using the Shift Premiums function, complex payment schemes can be used, based on factors such as the time of working to the grade of employee. Similarly, with Shift Swapping workers may have their shift for a particular day changed in advance. Annual Hours reports can be swiftly accessed by the WinTA software.

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