Paid and unpaid work breaks dealt with by office clocking regime

One in four call centre workers are denied toilet breaks according to a new survey. Almost 800 employees in the industry were consulted. More than 80 per cent of respondents said that their work had caused them to feel stressed, which sometimes crossed over into their personal lives. The union Unison called on call centre employers to improve working conditions for staff, to address the “alarming number” of problems highlighted by the report.

Work breaks and other rotas in the office are dealt with by WinTA Lite – one of many Time and Attendance systems from Tensor. The systems encompass the simple collection of clocking data, through to extensive labour hours analysis. Using the cutting-edge WinTA Lite software, both paid and unpaid breaks are easy to define and calculate. Your organisation’s human resources department can also create a wide range of daily working patterns or shifts. European Working Time Directive checking and reporting is also included, ensuring that your company remains compliant with employment legislation.

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