Pay software accommodates flexitime and annual contracts worked by employees

The chief executive of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), which is 83%-owned by the UK government, has been awarded a pay package worth £7.7m for 2010. Stephen Hester’s remuneration includes £6.5 million worth of shares that will not be available for three years, and 66 per cent of these are pegged to meeting management targets. The package includes his £1.2m salary, which has stayed the same since he replaced Sir Fred Goodwin in 2008.

WinTA Net is Tensor's world-class web enabled Time & Attendance and integrated security management system which handles all major hours calculation methods. From simple determination of overtime by the number of daily hours worked to the more complex payment of overtime hours adjusted when periodic targets are not met, WinTAnet can supply working rules to calculate the correct result. The payroll software contains special rules to accommodate the formal flexitime contracts worked by many public sector employees. Workers paid on an annual contract basis can be handled by the annualised hours procedures and reports within WinTAnet.

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