Payroll software enables four different pay bands in each shift

A county council which has had to offload 1,200 jobs this year is set to pay a six-figure annual sum to employ a ‘broadband tsar’. Hampshire County Council is spending £193,000 per year on a two-year broadband project. The sum includes the pay package of the project director, a salary for a more junior officer and £30,000 project development costs. The new project director will head a bid to improve high-speed Internet access across the county, especially rural areas.

Tensor’s WinTA Time and Attendance software enables a summary of clocking details to be viewed at-a-glance, showing individuals or groups of employees. Numerous pay grades and working patterns can been set up, including night shifts. Groups are used to define sequences of shift patterns. Each group can be set up to override the normal pattern and use a specific shift on public holidays. Overtime is easily monitored with up to four different pay bands in each shift. Periodic Overtime is used to calculate overtime on weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

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