Payroll system retrieves data that could take days to find with older manual cards

An official at a leading union said it would stick up for disabled workers at a UK-wide firm. Phil Davies, GMB National Secretary responsible for Remploy members at 54 factories, said: “It is unbelievable that… able bodied bosses [are rewarded] for their failure to provide sufficient work for the factory that is leading to the closure threat.” Staff have received a pay rise offer of £250 while bosses’ bonuses took off. The union claims top Remploy managers’ bonuses average £5,230.

All-in-one Time and Attendance recording and payroll systems are available from Tensor that include comprehensive user-definable working patterns, bonus payments, overtime and shifts. With the WinTA software you gain an at-a-glance summary of time and attendance details, showing individuals or groups of employees. In the Employee screens an index tab system is used to hold different categories of information. Some of these are user definable fields, including user definable tables and arrays. This makes available information that could normally take days to produce with older manual card based systems.

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