PC based booking system ideal for schools or colleges

Hundreds of state schools across England are being forced to take in more pupils than they can officially cater for, official figures suggest. All but five local councils predict that the number of primary school-age children will rise in the next four years. A statement from the Schools Ministry said the Coalition Government is focused on “addressing where there is urgent demand for more primary school places – a problem that has been looming for several years and [one] we cannot afford to ignore.”

PC Clock is a simple PC based booking system from Tensor ideal for companies where each employee has access to a PC. The straightforward system also makes it ideal for a school or college. The input screen books pupils "in" and "out" and has an Analysis Module used to calculate the necessary information for the EU Working Time Directive in an employee-based system. PC Clock's analysis module consists of a scaled-down version of Tensor's acclaimed WinTA Lite time and attendance software. Ten days of free helpdesk support from the date of purchase comes with the package.

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