PC logon device uses fingerprinting to securely authenticate identity

The suspected leader of a hacking ring has pleaded guilty to carrying out attacks on several companies. Hector Xavier Monsegur of ‘Lulzsec’ had been charged with conspiracy to engage in computer hacking, according to unsealed court papers. News agency sources suggest that the suspect had co-operated with the US government. Computing expert, Professor Alan Woodward, commented that Lulzsec had been quiet since the middle of 2011 following a well-documented attack on money handling organisation Paypal.

Tensor is a leader in the field of Biometrics, or fingerprint matching technology, for corporate clients who wish to beef up their internal IT security. Our range of ‘plug and play’ biometric control scanners have revolutionised access control for your computer. The state-of-the-art technology means there is no need for external power cables or batteries, as it plugs directly into the USB port on your computer. The T4251 is ideal for use as a PC logon device, where a person’s name and fingerprint are used to securely authenticate a person's identity.

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