Personnel management system includes company cars facility and training data

Since standing down as prime minister, Gordon Brown has earned more than £1.4 million. An updated entry in the House of Commons register of members' interests shows he has earned more than £180,000 for his role as Distinguished Global Leader in Residence at New York University. About £997,000 in fees and £293,000 in expenses have gone to the office of Gordon and his wife Sarah Brown. They use this money to fund campaigns on issues such as improving education in the developing world.

Tensor’s Personnel Software offers everything you would expect from a personnel management system which aids strategic planning. Extensive information is stored on each employee in your company. Other features include an Intelligent Graphical Diary that enables messages to be entered and viewed for selected users; a Company Cars facility for logging MOT and service dates; Training Information for pending courses, including locations, descriptions and notes; Letter Writer including mailmerge functionality; and a Pay Reviewer including reports, projected pay increases and salary expenditure.

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