Personnel management systems can help streamline HR activity when faced with mass layoffs

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Personnel management systems can prove to be an invaluable tool when companies are faced with the difficult decisions of having to make a large number of employees redundant, especially following an acquisition or merger.

This is exactly what might happen in the near future at Home Retail Group, as the Argos owner is set to be taken over by Sainsbury’s for £1.4bn in a move which will put up to 600 head office jobs at risk, according to a recent news report.

Sainsbury’s estimates a reduction of “approximately 400 to 600 roles across corporate and support functions”. The final number will depend on the outcome of a more detailed review after the merger is completed, which is expected to be in September.

Sainsbury’s said that 200 to 300 store jobs would be eliminated by plans to relocate Argos’s high street branches to its supermarkets, although it added that many staff would move over. Despite the workforce changes, the UK’s second largest retailer insisted the takeover of Argos would create jobs because new Argos stores would be opened, as well as additional collection points in its supermarkets.

“Sainsbury’s expects the overall effect of the acquisition on the combined headcount of the group to be positive over the long term. It is expected that the net increase of around 1,000 or more retail operations roles will more than counterbalance the 400 to 600 reduction in corporate and support function roles,” the company said.

Personnel management systems can help streamline activity for HR departments

Given the sheer scale of this redundancy process, it’s quite likely that Barclays’ HR department will be under quite a serious level of stress over the next few weeks, and the same would most likely apply to any firm facing a similar situation.

However, this unfortunate process could be made a lot easier with the help of Tensor’s dedicated time and attendance clocking systems and workforce management solutions, WinHR, which pack all of the required tools required for efficient and effective administration of all employee details.

The Tensor software offers everything you would expect from a personnel management system, and many more additional features that will save time and aid strategic planning.

Included within the package is software that ensures your company complies with the recent changes to the EU Working Time Directive, and all for a price that is less than you would expect.

Furthermore, our extensive Access Control and Time and Attendance solutions will ensure the fact that, once the employees have finished their notice, their access to the premises will be automatically restricted.

If you’d like to find out additional information regarding the Tensor WinHR suite, or any of the company’s comprehensive Time and Attendance and Access Control suite, just contact our dedicated product teams or Book a Demo, our representatives will be more than happy to quickly and effectively answer all of your questions and queries.

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