Personnel monitoring network can store up to 2000 employees on one clock

The UK's largest local authority has defended posting letters to its non-school employees to consult them about accepting flexible working contracts. The Section 188 notices issued by Birmingham City Council refer to car allowances, staff parking and flexible working, which a spokesperson said would enable the council to redeploy staff with similar skill sets between departments and use them where they were most needed. The spokesperson added: "This section 188 notice will not result in anyone being made redundant."

A Time and Attendance smart card clocking system from Tensor is so flexible it copes with a variety of working conditions, shifts or contracts. Using the software you can create a wide range of daily working patterns, with either fixed or flexitime rules, and the system even caters for annual contracts common in the public sector. You can set breaks to activate between set times, and/or after a minimum number of hours have been worked. Suitable for large corporate bodies like councils, our WinTA Enterprise network can store up to 2000 employees on a single Time & Attendance clock.

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