Personnel network will automatically assign correct shift to an employee

A Liberal Democrat amendment was agreed upon by Bolton Council in a tempestuous budget meeting where hundreds of public service jobs were cut. Cllr Roger Hayes, Lib Dem leader, put forward the amendment which included reducing the number of the Executive from 10 to seven, reducing members’ allowances by five to 10 per cent depending on responsibility, and going back to a slimmed down committee system. Other methods employed to slash £41 million from the budget included stopping the council’s Scene newspaper.

Tensor's WinTA networked time and attendance systems and personnel software saves your organisation time and money. Employees clock in on the fastest throughput time available using their contactless smart cards at the clocking stations, at which they can book jobs and absences. The software can create multiple shift patterns available per day via the AutoSelect Groups function. The WinTA system will select the most appropriate shift depending on when an employee starts work. If you move an employee's shift, WinTA will automatically assign the correct shift to the employee.

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