Personnel software ensures business compliance with EU Working Time Directive

The European Court of Justice, whose ruling is legally binding throughout the European Union, has decreed that workers who fall sick during their annual leave are entitled to take corresponding paid leave at a later date. The recent ruling by the EU's top court was prompted by a Spanish trade union case against a group of department stores. “The right to paid annual leave cannot be interpreted restrictively,” the court said.

Tensor’s personnel, time and attendance and clocking software ensures your business or organisation does not fall foul of European law. Our state of the art computer controlled systems incorporate EU Working Time Directive legislation regarding working rules. Sick leave, annual leave and all other absence issues are also covered by our clever WinTA networks which govern different shift patterns and pay bands. As the British and European leader in clocking systems, Tensor are consistently providing new features in our software whenever the legislation changes, thus ensuring compliance with the EU Working Time Directive.

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