Personnel software includes training and pay reviewer to aid strategic planning

Britain is braced for the biggest spell of strikes for a generation. The Unite, Unison and the GMB unions are expected to announce they will ballot their members soon. This will likely happen after a debate at the TUC Congress in London where unions are poised to attack the Coalition over its proposed reforms on public sector pensions. Francis Maude, the Cabinet Office minister heading negotiations for the Government on pension reform, said he was not trying to provoke unions into striking.

Tensor's WinTA clocking and time and attendance networks deal with all aspects of worker absenteeism, including email warnings when manning levels are low. Both the WinTA Lite and WinTA Enterprise time and attendance systems can be integrated with Personnel Software which offers features that will save time and aid strategic planning. The software includes features such as: Training Information for pending courses, including locations, descriptions and notes; Letter Writer including mailmerge functionality; and Pay Reviewer including reports, projected pay increases and salary expenditure.

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