Police force set to use biometric time and attendance for automated bail system

Biometric Time and Attendance clocking systems

Biometric time and attendance systems are typically used for monitoring and managing employee attendance, but a UK police force has decided to use this advanced technology for a very different and innovative purpose: bail enforcement.

Merseyside Police are replacing a paper-based bail system with a biometric process, saying that biometrics will save money and cut breaches of bail condition, a recent news report in the local media has been able to reveal.

As part of this new scheme, biometric technology and a digital records system will replace a current set-up which requires suspects to attend a police station and sign a register in person.

Instead, suspects will be able to to answer bail using their fingerprints, which will be registered when their bail is imposed. They can then register their attendance in a digital kiosk at a time and location designated by their bail conditions. A photograph will also be taken to record any change of appearance.

The new scheme has been awarded funding of £360,000 by the Home Office, from the £70 million Police Innovation Fund aimed at transforming policing through innovation.

Assistant Chief Constable Ian Pilling commented: “I am particularly pleased to see the roll-out of the paperless bail system for individuals post-charge in police stations.”

He added: “Not only will the implementation of this system allow us to save money and strengthen the partnerships we already have with our partner agencies but also will ensure we keep our communities safe and feeling safe.”

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