Police meeting over metal thefts

In Cambridgeshire alone metal thefts increased by 170% in 2007. Figures obtained by the BBC, show that metal thieves have been responsible for thefts valued at tens of millions pounds. Police are hoping to crack down on the spate of metal thefts by setting up a nationwide task force to tackle the problem.

School roofs, statues and power lines seem to be some of the most popular targets, costing millions of pounds to replace. In particular copper is becoming one of the most sought after materials, because it is now worth £4,000 per tonne; twice as much as two years ago.

Security is an essential tool for businesses, in order to combat such crime and to provide general peace of mind. Popular security solutions for businesses consist of rising bollards, barriers, turnstiles and automated gates. These are robust products, which will deter intruders whilst causing the minimum amount of inconvenience to employees.

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