Premises access scanner has option of built in fingerprint reader

A gang of four hauled a total of £700,000 after breaking into a series of cash machines. During the raids they targeted these models because they knew exactly where to cut so as to disable the machine's security system. A template was even used by the cunning crooks which they placed over an exact spot on the ATM. The men, of no fixed address, raided stores in 17 English counties, from the south-west to the north-east, from November 2010.

For the effective ‘two-factor’ security authorisation of an individual to a Tensor time and attendance or access control system fingerprint recognition is used in conjunction with a smart card. Biometric methods of identification work by measuring unique human characteristics as a way to provide proof of identity, for example, finger or iris scanning or dynamic signature verification. Our recommended product for use with a Tensor system at your premises is our smart card access control scanner with built in fingerprint reader.

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