Print a personalised pass to protect against stolen ID

A double life using a stranger’s passport for seven years has resulted in a woman being jailed for 16 months. Forty-one year-old Qamar Yasmeen created a make-believe existence, gaining a job and even getting married under the false identity. The fraudster, from Rochdale, was able to hoodwink officialdom after gaining hold of a lost childhood passport from an unsuspecting victim. She acquired a new passport eight years ago, and her plan worked until the victim applied for a new passport, meaning the scam was revealed.

It would be almost impossible for someone with false ID to enter your premises if it has a Tensor visitor monitoring system. Simple to use, user friendly with WindowsTM style software, it enables your staff to swiftly enter the details of visitors, and print their personalised ID pass. It is often necessary to inspect licences, vehicle information, and identification papers. Your VMS enables you to scan in these documents, creating a soft-copy version that can be viewed at a later date. Additional access control or surveillance products can give you extra piece of mind.

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