Prison Pass computer system improves security

Questions will be asked about security procedures because an armed robber absconded for a second time after he was sent to an open prison. Twenty-six year-old David Patmore had already escaped custody from the dock seven years ago. "Open prisons have existed since 1936 and they are the most effective means of ensuring prisoners are tested in the community before they are released,” a Ministry of Justice spokesman said. "To release prisoners directly from a closed prison without the resettlement benefits of the open estate would undoubtedly lead to higher levels of re-offending.”

As well as being experts in Access Control, Tensor offers its Prison Pass computer based pass system for registering each visitor, both on and off site, to improve security. It allows HM Prison Service Officers to quickly check the identity of visitors. A photograph taken by a digital or eyeball camera is printed on a bar-coded pass using a high speed printer so each visitor is easily identified. At controlled monitor points, the visitor pass badge is swiped, thus verifing that the correct person is passing through.

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