Prison visitor monitoring systems can assist Police forces tackle smuggling

Prison Pass Prison Visitor Management System

A prison visitor monitoring system is the perfect solution to help Police forces tackle the growing problem of smuggling of illicit items into prisons.

One of the latest examples of such an incident occurring comes from Suffolk, where a man was arrested and another has been reported for an offence following an operation at Highpoint Prison in Stradishall.

Officers from Suffolk Police, the Eastern Region Special Operations Unit (ERSOU), HMP Highpoint and the Special Constabulary, conducted a joint operation targeting visitors bringing illicit items into the prison on Friday 20 January.

A 37-year-old man from the Wembley area of London was arrested on suspicion of conveying prohibited items into prison. The searches also resulted in two further people being banned from entering the prison in the future.

Inspector Danny Cooper, Local Policing Commander for Haverhill, said: “This was a great piece of joint working between our officers, ERSOU and prison staff and I want to make a particular mention to the role played by the volunteers from the Special Constabulary. They are a dedicated team who have had specialist search training and regularly give-up their own time to assist us with numerous warrants and operations.

“We will continue to conduct random visitor checks at the prison and hope that these will act as a warning to those thinking of trying to bring illegal items in that it will not be tolerated.”

Tensor Prison Pass – the Perfect Solution for Prison Visitor Monitoring

Tensor’s Prison Pass system is the ideal low-cost, efficient visitor control solution, enabling HM Prison Service Officers to easily check the visitors’ identities and, more importantly, monitor their movements at all times.

Our system enables the easy pre-booking of any person that visits the prison, whether we’re talking about legal representatives, contractors or visitors. The bar-coded pass each visitor is issued with will also sport a photo taken with a digital camera, thus enabling their precise identification at any checkpoint they might go through.

The Prison Pass system also includes a very comprehensive software solutions, enabling the Prison Service Officers to generate fire evacuation reports for visitors and contractors, highly accurate records of the historical movements of inmate visitors, visitor to inmate analysis results, etc.

Moreover, the system can also issue standard warning / banned notification letters, while other bespoke reports can also be added to the system.

If you’re interested in our Prison Pass system, our dedicated team is waiting to answer any query you might have.

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