Producing management reports is easy with WinTA software

The country faced deep-rooted problems with its fragile economy, “massive” deficit and “dysfunctional” banking system, said Cabinet minister Vince Cable. In a London speech (his first since the coalition formed) the Business Secretary vowed to slash red tape, force banks to lend more to good businesses, and make it easier for universities and inventors to make their products commercial successes. Rather than “waving a chequebook” at firms, Mr Cable instead stressed that boosting skills and certain kinds of science or research were key to Britain’s future prosperity.

Tensor is also a key factor in your company’s prosperity with its money-saving and efficiency-promoting Time and Attendance smart card and biometric time and attendance systems. For large and small offices or factories, your time and attendance system will accurately and reliably record your staff's clocking data, and can be effortlessly integrated with your preferred payroll software package. Designing your own reports is easy with the versatile WinTA software. Using a "drag and drop" interface, reports are quickly defined and you will find this feature a powerful management aid.

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