Professional monitors give high definition images ideal for watching a premises

Surveillance camera technology proved a crime did not take place and resulted in a man told to carry out 175 hours’ community service. The husband had reported a fictitious ‘mugging’ to police to avoid the blame for losing more than £1,700 of his wife’s money. Alex Jones provided a detailed description of the ‘perpetrator’, but his story fell apart when officers found no sign of the phantom mugger on CCTV. Therefore Mr Jones was arrested for perverting the course of justice.

Tensor’s range of CCTV cameras and DVRs comprises of tried and tested equipment that meets strict security requirements both for usability and durability. DVRs allow continuous high quality digital CCTV recording for days and weeks at a time, and can store footage for a number of CCTV cameras present on your network without the risk of degradation. Professional CCTV security monitors give high definition monitoring and enhanced functionality. We have a product ideal for your premises, from black and white CRT to hi-resolution colour LCD monitors.

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