Protect your company against recriminations by scanning visitor documents

Processing fake documents and certificates for a bogus college via a legal company resulted in Syed Ahmed being imprisoned for eight and a half years. Ahmed, who was listed as a lecturer in law, was the accredited legal adviser for the company, called Virgil Legal Services Ltd. He was using this firm as a front for an illegal immigration operation which netted millions of pounds for the London based gang. The London Immigration Crime team said a financial asset stripping investigation is taking place.

Tensor technology prevents your company falling victim to a fake ID document or certificate being used by a visitor. When visitors, especially contractors, attend your site it is often necessary to inspect identification papers. A visitor monitoring system enables you to both check and scan in visitors’ documents, like licences and vehicle information, thus creating a soft-copy version that can be viewed at a later date. This feature is very useful if questions about a person's identity or credentials later arise, as you have effectively protected yourself against any recriminations.

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