Proximity read smart cards ensure swift confirmation of authorised personnel

A parliamentary committee has made key recommendations after an Olympics security fiasco was averted at the last minute. The Home Affairs Committee (HAC) report recommended that: Armed Forces personnel should be factored as possible security providers from the start rather than as a back-up for future major events; and government should keep a central register of ‘high risk’ firms who have performed badly at public services to guide future decisions. HAC laid the blame for a shortfall of London 2012 security staff squarely with the company G4S.

Tensor provides a proven and reliable array of proximity read smart card-based access control systems. The contactless cards operate using radio frequency technology, which gives a constant read range and ensures swift confirmation of authorised personnel. When placed within range of your door access control scanner, the card will be read in under ½ second, even if that card is covered in oil and grease. Cards with a magnetic strip and dual interface ones can also be used.

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