Pupils and teachers can benefit from simple PC time and attendance regime

A teacher who stayed away from school by forging doctor’s notes has avoided being sent to prison. It was revealed in court that Kulvinder Billan forged half a dozen notes and a letter from a doctor so he could avoid teaching at a school in Northampton. The court heard the 31-year-old had a substantial amount of time off sick during his first academic year of 2009/10 but he found it difficult to go back to school in the following year.

Pupils, parents and teachers can benefit from a scaled-down time and attendance regime. PC Clock from Tensor is a simple PC based booking system ideal for schools or other organisations where each pupil or employee has access to a PC. The input screen books them ‘in’ and ‘out’ and has an Analysis Module used to calculate the necessary information for the EU Working Time Directive. Pupils are simply presented with an input screen on their PC allowing them to clock in and out.

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