Pupils can clock in and out on their PC to improve attendance

Pupils are facing being made late for school because of cutbacks affecting bus routes. Sophie Allen, from the Campaign for Better Transport, said the loss of the subsidy from Devon County Council to bus companies would leave many services uneconomic to run. In a statement the council said it had been forced into action because of the £5m cut to concessionary bus passes for the over-60s and government cuts to its budget.

Tensor, the foremost provider of smart card clocking technology, offers a basic version of its time and attendance system which is tailor-made for schools encountering problems with attendance. WinTA PC Clock remains the best product on the market for small-scale time and attendance monitoring. It is a simple PC based booking system ideal for organisations where each pupil has access to a PC. Pupils are simply presented with an input screen on their PC allowing them to clock in and out. PC Clock can be used for any number of users and there is no need for additional licences.

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